2016 Balance Your Chakras – Balance Your Life – Group Repatternings

Monthly Group Repatternings – First Group is FREE


Using Resonance Repatterning®, we will focus on a particular chakra each month in 2016 starting from the Root to the Crown.

The chakras are reservoirs of spinning energy that create and maintain physical, emotional and mental functioning. When your basic life needs are not met, thechannels become blocked, energy flow becomes excessive or stagnant and the chakra pulsations lose their natural rhythm. The consequences are; emotional discharge through fear, frustration, anger, grief or hyperactivity; emotional withdrawal throughexhaustion, depression and the inability to be embodied or present; pain, poor health, low vitality and the inability to connect with others which leads to communication problems, conflict and other relationship issues.

Energy moves out from each Chakra through thousands of channels known as Nadis to every part of the body-mind system. When energy constricts due to unresolved issues from the past, it manifests in Chakra distortions. The color becomes dull, the chakra may become tipped, misaligned, have holes or tears, be underactive and no protective filter. If the energy flows out with too little force, the body becomes sluggish. If the flow has too much force, it creates hyperactivity. This results in confusion, lack of clarity, frustration, indecisiveness, lack of focus, feeling stuck and an inability to follow through and manifest your goals with success and ease.

We will identify the problem you are having that is associated with the chakra imbalance. Using Resonance Kinesiology (muscle-checking), we will proceed by clarifying the chakra non-coherence involved, the emotional response and resulting manifestation in your physical body. From here, we will verify the unresolved earlier experience underlying the chakra non-coherence and what negative conclusions you came to about yourself, others and life because of this experience. The involved vertebral non-coherence, chakra triad disruption and distortions, as well as the chakra shock will be determined, all of which will be transformed, by discovering what is needed to balance the chakra.

The groups are on the second Thursday of each month in Phoenix, AZ. 7-9 pm.

For those interested who are out of town, or just cannot make it that evening, I can proxy you in, which means with your permission, I will include you in the session.

$25 RSVP 602-864-7662   First Group FREE



If this speaks to you, I’d be honored to include you.

Blessings of Love, Victoria Benoit

January – Live Grounded and Secure, Ready for Positive Change                           Root Chakra Repatterning

February – Move Easily in the Direction of Your Goals                                               Knee Chakra Repatterning

March – Experience Love through Sexual Bonding                                                       Pelvic Chakra Repatterning

April – Know Your Path and Travel Your Path with Success and Ease                     Feet Chakra Repatterning

May – Experience Life as an Adventure                                                                              Solar Plexus Chakra Repatterning

June – Trust Your Heart and Let it Lead the Way                                                         Heart Chakra Repatterning

July – Everything You Touch Turns to Gold                                                                    Hands Chakra Repatterning

August – Speak Your Truth and Live Your Truth                                                        Throat Chakra Repatterning

September – Access Your Higher Mental Clarity                                                           Brow Chakra Repatterning

October – Access and Express Your Divine Nature                                                      Crown Chakra Repatterning

November – Move Boldly Forward In Life                                                                              Disrupted Energy Repatterning

December – Celebrate Extraordinary Outcomes and New Beginnings                   Life Cycle Repatterning

Center for Extraordinary Outcomes, LLC                                                                     Victoria Benoit, MC

Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner                                                                       602-864-7662                                                                                             Victoria@ExtraordinaryOutcomes.com


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Create Inner Peace by Healing Your Family System

2016 – The Year of Healing Your Family System

According to Bert Hellinger, the creator of Family Constellations, 80% of our personal and professional problems have a family system cause. The family system we belong to is that of our biological ancestors. Even if we were separated from our parents when we were young or were adopted and raised by another family, we still have strong and invisible ties to our biological family system. Healing the family system we belong to, is essential.

When we have unresolved issues in our family system this can affect us deeply. An unresolved issue is one which hinders a member of the family from feeling peace. This can be due to an event that happened many generations ago or in childhood. An unresolved event may be expressed in our lives as disease, depression, difficulty in relationships, unhappiness, fear of commitment, weight gain, financial issues, etc. This means that our fate is being directed by the coherent and non-coherent patterns of the family system we belong to.

Through the conscious knowledge of the family systems’ patterns and with the force of love, the individual is transformed, and the flow of love is re-established in the family. Like a hologram, because each one of us is a part of our family system, when we heal a part of it, the whole is also healed.

It is through our parents that we receive life energy and when we heal our relationship with them, we can become grounded in life and open to receive what is best for us. In order to be in peace and live our lives independently, we must take everything they have given us and separate from them peacefully. To honor them, we must do something very great with our life.

Every month in 2016 I will be offering a Repatterning on a specific topic to help you heal your biological family system. The list is below. We can do a private session if you live in Phoenix or we can do a phone session. Sessions are normally $190.00. This year’s special is only $145.00. If this opportunity resonates within you, please give me a call. My contact information is below.

Blessings of Love, Victoria

January –
Accepting Your Mother Repatterning
Healing Your Family System

February –
Accepting Your Father Repatterning
Healing Your Family System

March –
Family Loyalty Repatterning
Release Hidden Loyalty Blocking Your Present Performance

April –
Struggle for Power Repatterning Live Together in Love, Peace and Harmony

May –
Codependence Repatterning
From Codependency to Interdependency

June –
Victim-Perpetrator Cycle Repatterning Releasing the Victim-Perpetrator Cycle

July –
Creating Order in Your Family System Repatterning Creating Order in Your Biological
Family System

August –
Balance Giving and Receiving Repatterning Balance Giving and Receiving in Your Intimate Relationship

September –
Health Repatterning Achieve Optimal Health and Well-Being

October –
Peace Repatterning Be at Peace with Yourself and Your Destiny

November –
Giving Repatterning The Art of Giving in a Coherent Way

December –
Receiving Repatterning The Art of Receiving

Center for Extraordinary Outcomes, Victoria Benoit, MC 602-864-7662 Victoria@ExtraordinaryOutcomes.com http://www.ExtraordinaryOutcomes.com

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Feeling Better Already

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September 2015 Specials – I Care About You and Your Life!

Enjoy my Newsletter! If anything speaks to you, give me a call!                                           Blessings of Love, Victoria


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Writing Repatterning

Attention authors in Tom Birds Publish Now Program!

I am privileged to be able to facilitate a Writing Repatterning for those of you participating in Rama on Writing webinars on Saturday mornings.

Using Resonance Kinesiology (muscle checking), we will discover the unconscious patterns as well as the earlier experience and resulting beliefs about yourself and your writing that are holding you back. Once you resolve the unconscious patterns and bring your vibration back into sync, this coherence will be mirrored in your writing, editing, publishing and marketing of your book with more ease and grace. It will even be reflected in your self-expression and in your life! Keep on the look for the date.

Blessings of Love, Victoria

Author of “What Would Love Do Right Now?”

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April 2015 Specials – I Care About You and Your Life

Here is my latest Newsletter filled with my monthly specials. If something calls to you, call me! It would be an honor to assist you in living an extraordinary life!
Blessings of love, Victoria


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